Верховна рада України Національна комісія з цінних паперів та фондового ринку Українська асоціація інвестиційного бізнесу Українська біржа

Asset Management Company “Capital SM” performs professional activities in the stock market – activities connected with asset management of institutional investors (asset management of investment funds) under the licence of the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market.

The main functions of the asset management company (hereinafter – AMC):

Our Company’s mission is to provide each investor with instrument for converting the existing problems and tasks into the opportunities and benefits.

In its activity, our company applies the following principles of work:

For each investor we create a separate investment fund usually in the form of Venture Fund, and develop individual work schemes, depending on the investor’s needs.

Venture Investment Fund may be Unit or Corporate.

Unit fund (hereinafter – UF) is not a legal entity. Assets of Unit fund belong to its investors on joint ownership and are managed by AMC. Participation of each investor in UF is confirmed by possession of investment certificates of the Fund. For supervision of AMC activity, Investors may form the Supervisory Board.

Corporate Investment Fund (hereinafter – CIF) is created in the form of a public joint stock company as an independent legal entity. AMC manages the assets of the Fund on the basis of the certain contract. Participation of each investor in CIF is confirmed by shareholding of this Fund. The main organs of CIF are the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Supervisory Board.

Investment Funds are opened for a fixed period. This is usually 20-30 years. In the process of work, at the request of investors, the term of the Fund may be reduced.

Apart from government regulation of asset management, which is conducted by the National Commission on Securities and Stock Market, supervision of AMC work is also carried out by: Ukrainian Association of Investment Business (self-regulating non-governmental organization, which was delegated part of authority by the state), Audit Company and Custodian.

Thus, the main focus of our Company’s activity is: